Parterning Sustainability

Our Services


  • High Salt recovery Membranes
  • Intake and Outfall Piping
  • Bore Holes for Sea Water
  • Direct Sea Water to Desal Plant
  • Solar Driven RO Plants


  • CCRO Technology from Dupont

Ultra Pure Water

  • Ultra Pure Water Equipment’s
  • Water Softening Plants

Marine Works

  • Diving Work Videography
  • Intake well Installation

Pumping Stations

  • Pumping Station for Water Transmission
  • Odor Control Units

Water Treatment

  • Efficient System of MBBR
  • Power Saving and Smooth run to achieve Parameters
  • Collaborate with Aquana Netherland and Arges Turkey and ( Self Building Capabilities )

Intake and Outfall

  • Turkey work of Inlet Piping and Outlet Piping with Diffusers


  • Reverse Osmosis Process Chemical
  • Disinfectants
  • Various Hygienic Chemicals

Zero Liquid Discharge ( ZLD )

  • Evaporators
  • UF & RO System

Water Transmission

  • Laying Kilometers of Piping
  • Over Head Tanks