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Aqua Vita

Enhancement of Desalination Water Treatment, Design, Chemicals & Digitization

Aqua vita

Our Purpose

To integrate advancement of Technology and give solution to water Management needs

Explore Economical methodologies to Benefit stakeholder though Digitalization & AI to achieve world class system for Betterment of Humanity and sustainability .

Our Mission

Solution to water needs, explore and adopt new Technology Advancement for sustainable growth.

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Aqua Vita

Our Vision

Incorporate advancement of Technology & solutions to make water management of
Desalination, water treatment and marine works innovative and sustainable
Water Management and solutions
  • Our expertise spans Design-Build, Operation Mode, PPP, and EPC, ensuring projects are executed with unparalleled precision and efficiency.
  • We believe in the enduring power of our creations. Our Operation & Maintenance services are designed to guarantee seamless functionality, year after year.
Desalination Excellence
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Through advanced membrane technology, we convert deep-sea water into pure, potable water of the highest quality. Sea water to water in your Tap
  • Marine Precision Sea water intake , Outfall and water Makers : From casting anchor blocks to optimizing energy usage, our proficiency in marine operations sets us apart. We have entire range of water makers for Marine industry
Tailored Water Treatment Solutions
  • Customized Precision: Our solutions, from demineralization to ultra-pure water technologies, are meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • Adaptable Expertise: With a diverse portfolio of water treatment methods, we provide versatile solutions for a wide array of requirements.

Complete solution to all your water treatment needs

Aquva vita


Aqua Vita

Our Services


  • High Salt recovery Membranes
  • Intake and Outfall Piping
  • Bore Holes for Sea Water
  • Direct Sea Water to Desal Plant
  • Solar Driven RO Plants

Water Treatment

  • Efficient System of MBBR
  • Power Saving and Smooth run to achieve Parameters
  • Collaborate with Aquana Netherland and Arges Turkey and ( Self Building Capabilities )


  • Reverse Osmosis Process Chemical
  • Disinfectants
  • Various Hygienic Chemicals